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Kukdo Chemical Co., Ltd as a manufacturer of Epoxy resin and its hardener, Polyol, Polyurea resin, polyurethane resin, and those processing items, our basic environmental policy is to minimize environmental impacts in relation with all products and activities of purchaseing, producing, marketing, service, etc.

To accomplish this environmental policy, setting up Environment Management System all officers and employees perform following activities.
to abide by all legislations and other regulations which relate environmentol aspects of our company.
to preserve the integrity of earth environment, and to minimize the pollutant discharge and promote the efficient use of resources and energy.
to establish and practice environmental target and detailed programme, and to perform continuous improvement and activities on pollution prevention through internal examination and management review conference.
to all officers and employees Environment Policy and Environment Target shall be informed, educated, implemented and maintained, and opened to all concerned personnel through leaflet, diary and/or company introductory catalogues.
Each department set up detailed targets and carry out EMS requirements for accomplish this Environmental Policy.
For inquiry about Environment and ISO 14001 qa@kukdo.com