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1972. Feb.

Establishment of Kukdo Chemical Industry. Co., Ltd.
1973. Jan. Completion of Epoxy Resin Factory in Seoul
1980. Nov. Sodium Chlorite and Sodium Hypochlorite Plant in Seoul
1983. Oct. Establishment of R&D (Technical) Center
1985. Nov. Awarded Export Performance US$10,000,000 Prize
(The President Prize)
1989. Aug. Stock is enlisted on the Korea Stock Exchange

1994. Mar.

Acquired ISO 9002 (Quality Management System) from BVQI
1994. May. Completion of the 2nd Factory for Epoxy Resin & Hardener in Iksan
1994. Jun. Participating in the Great man Made River project in Libya
1994. Dec. Iksan plant Acquired ISO 9002 : 1994 (Quality Management System) from BVQI
1995. Nov. Awarded Silver Tower Prize (32nd Trade Anniversary)
1995. Dec. Acquired ISO 14001, BS-7750 (Environmental Management System) from BVQI
1996. Mar. Establishment of Kukdo Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
1997. Mar. Awarded Prime Minister Reward (31st Taxation Day)
1998. Jan. Operation of KD-NIS (Integration Computer System)
1998. Dec. Awarded '98 Excellent Labor-Management Consultation Company (The Ministry of Labor)
1999. Apr. Change company name to Kukdo Chemical Co., Ltd.
1999. Apr. new business launch for Polyester Resin, Polyurethane, Polyurea
1999. Jun. Sepcial Construction License (Surface treatment & Waterproofing work)

2001. Apr.

Acquired the official "KS" mark (Korean Industrial Standard) on Polyurethane waterproofing material
2002. Apr. Establishment of Konsan Ltd. in China
2003. Mar. Acquired ISO-9001 : 2000 (Quality Management System) from BVQI
2003. Nov. Completion of the 1st Epoxy resin and Polyol producing factory in China
2004. Jul. Removal of Busan Office and Establishment of Polyol producing Plant
2004. Dec. Completion of the 2nd Epoxy Resin and Polyol producing factory in China
2005. Nov. Awarded export performance US$100,000,000 Prize (The 42th Annual Tradeday)
2006. Jan. The announcement of Kukdo's Vision EGK 2010
(generate aroundUS$500million in annual sales in 2010)
2006. Sep.
Completion of SCM-Plant in Iksan
2006. Dec. The achievement of annual sales over US$300million
2007. Jul. Completion of Epoxy resin factory in Seoul
Total Capacity : 165,000mt/year
2008. Dec. Awarded 200 Million Dollar Export Tower Prize(45rd Trade Anniversary)
2009. May. GL approval of Epoxy system for Wind Turbine Blade
2010. Nov. Awarded 2010 Global Excellent Awards[Eco-friendly Management Part]