For our 2nd basic business and the diversification of our profit source, we had started new businesses such as polyester resin for powder coating and polyurethane/polyurea. PU division had imported advanced technologies related to polyester resin and is contributing to settle that technology in domestic industries and, also is devoting efforts to achieve customer satisfaction through endless innovation of products.
Polyether Polyol for case Coating, Adhesive, Sealant, Elastomer polyether polyol
Flexible Polyether Polyol Slabstock, Seat for automobile, sound-absorbing materials, flexible polyether polyol
Rigid Polyether Polyol Sorbitol, Sucrose, Aromatic Amine, Aliphatic Amine, TEOA, Glycerine base polyether polyol
Polyurethane / Urea resin Primer, Top-Coat, Water-proof, Flooring, Adhesive, Polyurea water-proof / Anticorrosive(flexible, rigid, high-rigid, slow type)
Flexible system Spray, LNG tank insulation, Sandwich panel, UBR Double lagging pipe, Refrigerator, Synthetic wood
Rigid system Furniture & automotive seat form, Sound-absorbing materials for automobile
Semi-rigid system Armrest for furniture, Automotive handle, Table framework
We are offered the most advanced technologies for Base Polyol by ADEKA Japan and trying to meet customers' need for the top quality products by using highly advanced technologies & the most high-tech production equipments.
- Coating, Adhesive, Sealant, Elastomer, polyether polyol for CASE,
- Flexible polyether polyol such as Slabstock, seat for automotives, sound-absorbing materials
- Sorbitol, Sucrose, Aromatic Amine, Aliphatic Amine, TEOA, Hard polyether polyol of Glycerine base
System polyol, which can be categorized into three types, Flexible, Hard and Half-flexible, has been made by mixing many additives like a blowing[foaming] agent , or other additives. R&D staff with different experiences & Know-How from many different production fields and R&D institutes are developing and selling diverse products.
Kukdo's polyurea is recognized as the best domestic product by increasing physical property and work ability through Technical cooperation with Hundtsman USA and, applied to waterproof construction of underground facilities of Inchen international airport which is the largest airport in East Asia.
Under the development are many products for diverse application as well as the best method of construction and PU division is also doing its best efforts to increase market share.
If you have any question to our products, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to support you.
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Polyurethane / Urea resin
CASE Polyether Polyol, Flexible Polyether Polyol

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Rigid Polyether Polyol, Rigid system(KSF/KPF/KIF),
Flexible system(KFF), Semi-rigid system(KMF)
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