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G-5022X70book DOMIDE G-5022X70 is a 70% weight solution of DOMIDE G-5022 in xylene.
Solventborne primer coating, Long pot-life

G-A0432book High-imidazoline content amidoamine. Grouts, mortar and adhesives

G-A0533book Grouts and mortar. Floorings, low-viscosity adhesives

G-0240 Standard type polyamide for adhesives, coatings

G-0331book Medium-viscosity polyamide. Adhesivs, civil works

G-640book Standard high-imidazoline content polyamide.
High solid coatings, adhesives, sealer and putties.

G-1034book Medium-viscosity polyamide. Coatings, adhesives, resin mortar, grout, mouldings.  

G-0930book Standard medium-viscosity polyamide. 1:1 volume ratio with standard liquid Epoxy resin.

G-5022book Standard high-viscosity polyamide. Flexibility, long pot-life and good
Properties with solid epoxy resin.

G-700book High M.W Type. Coatings, Adhesives.