Acrylate is an eco-friendly resin that reacts with
monomers/oligomers by UV lights / EB without solvents.

It is widely used as coating or electronic materials for film, plastic, woodworking.
Recently, its applicable areas are being expanded such as high-end
automotive coating and 3D printing materials.


  • Epoxy Acrylate Oligomer

    It is used as an ink or coating material due to its excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and durability as well as the advantages of epoxy properties such as flexibility, adhesion and thermosetting.

    PCB Ink Paper / Wood Coatings
  • Urethane Acrylate Oligomer

    It is a special product that can be customized due to its excellent adhesiveness, chemical resistance as well as flexibility and abrasion resistance through urethane functional group.

    Film / Plastic Coatings Adhesives
  • Ester Acrylate Oligomer

    Low viscosity and excellent workability make it highly compatible with various oligomers and polymer. In addition, it is mainly used for ink and coating due to excellent pigment dispersibility and abrasion resistance.

    UV Ink Plastic Coatings


A coating material to protect the surface of materials and to improve their durability, which can be used not only for plastics, metals and vinyl, but even for wood and paper.
Industrial Printing Ink
This is used in the printing industry for a variety of products, such as flexible packages and plastics, metal surfaces, etc., as it can implement suitable properties according to customer’s needs and can be cured quickly in seconds.
3D-Printing Materials
This is a material adequate to light-based stacking methods(DLP, SLA, Polyjet, etc.) and contributes to the high quality of precise and excellent 3D-Printing output.

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