Composites System

Hardener Polyurethane

Composite material is a material made from two or more constituent materials with
significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics of high strength and lightweight from the individual components.
Composite materials are embodied different ways depending on purposes and characteristics.

KUKDO leads development of various fields ranges from consumer goods to
industrial materials by developing innovative epoxy system.


  • Infusion

    Epoxy system for infusion process which performs low viscosity/excellent mechanical property can be used in different fields

    Wind power automotive shipping
    General industry
  • Hand Lay-up

    Used to manufacture prototype in a diverse area due to availability for simple approach of Hand Lay-up with good viscosity scope.

    Wind power General industry Sports goods
  • Filament Winding

    Used in many portfolios by viscosity based on customer’s request. We especially offer epoxy system for high functional filament winding application with good tensile strength.

    Wind power Automotive General industry
  • Pultrusion

    Used in various product lines based on customer’s needs from Pultrusion system for general purpose to special high Tg system

    Wind power Automotive General industry
  • Prepreg

    We provide epoxy system for special purpose of prepreg.

    Wind power Automotive Aerospace
    General industry Sports goods
  • Resin Transfer Molding

    We have plenty of epoxy resin systems from HP-RTM/WCM with fast curing speed to high Tg RTM epoxy system for aerospace application.

    Aerospace Automotive General industry


Wind Power
Epoxy system is wildly applied in wind turbine blades based on customized products. Over 2,500 wind blades from all over the world made by KUKDO epoxy to create eco-friendly renewable energy.
Transfer Vehicles
We offer solution for composite materials, which are wildly applied in transfer vehicles such as automotive, aerospace, railway to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase fuel-efficiency. KUKDO is leading a base of the innovation for the future vehicles with lightweight, special high Tg and flame retardant.
Industrial Goods
KUKDO epoxy is used in many fields from industrial strong structure of plant and construction to the area which requires aesthetic design. In addition, our epoxy is supplied to defense industry for our security as specialty materials
Consumer Goods
Used widely throughout our daily lives such as sports, leisure and healthcare with great benefit from high strength and lightweight

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