Reactive Diluent

Acrylate Epoxy

Reactive diluents increase flexibility and workability
by diluting high viscous epoxy resins.

Used as high functional resin along with epoxy resins
through customized production to meet customer needs.


  • Mono, Di, Poly-Functional
    Glycidyl Ethers

    General purpose products that are used through the industry to enhance properties like weather resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, etc. It is applied to flooring, anti-corrosive paints for marine, heavy duty, and civil construction, and adhesives, etc.

    Coatings Flooring Adhesives
  • High Purity, Low-Chlorine
    Epoxy Resin

    High purity epoxy diluent and low-chlorine epoxy diluent are used as materials for electric and electronic devices and electrodeposition coating.

    Electronics Electrodeposition Coatings Laminating
  • Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resin

    Applied for heavy electric equipment industry as it is multi-functional epoxy resins like electrical insulation, weather resistance, moisture resistance, impact resistance, etc.

    Heavy Electric Insulator


Marine Paints
Used for primers to prevent the corrosion of hull caused by sea water and external environments.
Electrodeposition Coatings
Used for various metal coating lines from automotive bodies to construction materials and steel furniture, etc. due to the advantages of improved anticorrosive properties and uniformed paint films.
Electric & Electronics Materials
Widely used not only in the field of electricity and electronics, but also in that of advanced devices by protecting circuit boards on electronic components and adding various effects like anticorrosive and heat resistance properties, etc.
Insulation Materials
Applied to the medium- and high-voltage insulation fields as an excellent material for the insulation of heavy electric equipment

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