Electrical & Electronic Materials

Polyurethane Advanced Materials

KUKDO provides the state-of-the-art chemical
materials required for next-generation industries from basic materials
for electricity and electronics to semiconductors and AI fields.


  • Multi-Functional Novolac
    Epoxy Resin

    Allows a high degree of crosslink density as a multifunctional epoxy structure, so that it can be used for fields of high reliability that require excellent chemical and heat resistances. It is a key material realizing the adhesion, high strength and high-temperature stability of CCL.

    Electronics Coatings Laminating Molding
  • Low Dk/Df DCPD Epoxy Resin

    Used in CCL where low Dk, Df properties are required due to miniaturization and slimness of 5G circuit board materials. It is modified DCPD material which realizes low modulus, ultra low Dk/Df.

    Electronics Laminating Molding
  • Self-Extinguishing Biphenyl
    Epoxy Resin

    Used in the fields of eco-friendly semiconductor packaging where high reliability is required. It is the biphenyl type high-end epoxy with self-extinguishing properties and high compatibility with other packaging chemicals.

    Electrical Plastic Molding Adhesion
  • Halogen-Free Epoxy Resin

    Non-halogen epoxy modified molecular structure for flame retardant required for CCL. Phosphorus and hybrid materials with improved high Tg/Heat resistance/adhesive properties are used.

    Electronics Laminating Molding
  • Special Performance

    This is applied to the packaging field(CCL&EMC). It hardens with epoxy and improves the heat/chemical resistance properties required for the application. Its application is expanding to special packaging field that requires liquidity.

    Electronics Laminating Molding
  • Multi-Functional Novolac

    Special multifunctional hardener that meets the required properties as the packaging field is advanced. It is the material with improved heat resistance/adhesive/self-extinguishing properties through introducing xylok, biphenyl into novolac structure.

    Electrical Electronics Compounding
    High Performance Coatings & Adhesion
  • Functionalized Modified

    Functional material designed to double the performance of the ultra-high voltage electrical insulation as hardener for AC/DC electrical insulation of 1,000V or more.

    Heavy Electric Casting Molding


Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Materials
Used to protect and insulate PCB built into most electronic products with flame retardant and heat resistant properties.
Semiconductor Packaging Materials
Epoxy materials is used to connect semiconductor with device and protect chip from external environment (heat, moisture, and shock).
Functional Plastic
As reinforcing material of plastic property used throughout the industry, flame retarding epoxy resin is used to withstand fire and heat.
High-Performance Film Materials
Epoxy resin is used as a raw material for high-performance adhesive films for heat radiation, adhesion, heat resistance, etc. in order to maintain or improve the functionality of electronic components.
Heavy Electric Materials
Used as key material for power generation plants, transmission and distribution systems and smart grids that are leading the 4th industrial revolution, based on its characteristics like insulation and long-term heat resistance.

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