The hardener, which is essential to use with epoxy resin as a reactant,
is a key material that determines the physical properties of the resin.

KUKDO, which has become the standard of epoxy industry,
contributes to the success of our customers by supplying optimized hardeners
for each individual industries with our accumulated competence.


  • Polyamide Hardener

    Used for floor coating materials, ships and heavy duty primers, and building material adhesives, based on its strong adhesive strength, flexibility and waterproof properties.

    Marine & Protective Coatings Flooring Adhesives
  • Phenalkamine Hardener

    Excellent drying and hardening ability at low temperatures and excellent chemical resistance, thus used predominantly in the ship building industry but also as coatings for plants, pipes and various steel materials.

    Marine & Protective Coatings Flooring
  • Polyamine Hardener

    Is transparent and has excellent gloss, thus not only being used for interior floor coating but also for fields requiring chemical resistance such as factories and laboratories.

    Flooring Casting Molding
  • Accelerator

    Additive material that improves efficiency of application by increasing the hardening speed of resin.

    Efficient Activator for Curing
  • Anhydride Hardener

    Widely used as a molding material for various electric and electronic parts because of its excellent heat resistance and insulation. With its excellent usability, it is applied for composite materials as well.

    Molding Composites


Marine Paints
Features several advantages of rust and impact resistances, good workability, efficient maintenance, etc., so that it is used as a coating material to protect ship structures from harsh marine environments.
Paints for Construction
Used for wood, steel, concrete, etc. inside and outside the building due to its excellent water resistance, adhesion, weather resistance and gloss.
Heavy Duty Anticorrosive Paints
Used as a coating material to protect steel structures in the all heavy industry, such as bridges, offshore structures, large structures, etc., due to its excellent water, moisture, chemical and impact resistances and to the environment-friendly characteristic and easy maintenance.
Industrial Paints and Coatings
Used for paints and coatings of machinery, daily necessities, sporting goods, vehicles, etc. that are made of steel. It features excellent corrosion resistance, glossiness and impact resistance and can provide customized products to meet the required properties according to advancement of each applications.
Used for most hard materials such as metal, concrete, plastic, wood, etc. It is widely used throughout the industry, including home, architecture, electricity, automobiles, etc. due to its excellent fast curing, heat resistance and adhesion properties, and can be cured at room temperature without any by-products.
Electric & Electronic Materials
Used in a variety of industries, from industrial equipment in the field of electric and electronics, such as electric devices, transformers, voltage circuit breakers, etc., to home appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, washing machines, etc. It has characteristics such as excellent electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, etc.

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