As a solution which is the foundation of advanced industries,
it brings the future of various industries such as electronics,
automotive, civil engineering, construction and aerospace to reality.


  • Anisotropic Conductive Film

    A material to make the electrical and mechanical connections from the drivers to the substrate to the device.

  • Polyimide

    A high heat-resistant super engineering plastic that is used in various forms such as adhesives, films, powders, chips, foams, molded products, etc. in printed circuit boards, semiconductors, secondary battery, automotive and aerospace fields through excellent electrical, flexural and radiation-resistant properties.

    Coatings Adhesives Film
  • High Purity Resin

    This is a precision material with improved basic properties and reliability by removing impurities such as halogen, etc. in the epoxy resin through the purification process by physical and chemical methods.

    Electronic & Optical Coatings Adhesives Molding


Conductive Adhesive Film
for Electronic Device
This is a functional film that allows the current flow and insulation at the same time while bonding internal materials of electronic devices.
This is a resin for packaging semiconductor, PCB and LED, and is used for precise adhesion of electronic devices that requires high reliability.
High Temp. Insulation Materials
This is an essential material for improving the reliability of electronic circuits based on excellent insulating, heat-resisting and flexible properties.

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