Polyurethane, which can be produced in various forms according to its shape and purpose of use,
is widely used in daily consumer goods and specialized industrial materials.

KUKDO produces and supplies polyols which are the raw materials of
polyurethane with unique technology quality.


  • Rigid Polyurethane Foam

    As a hard type foam having thermal insulation performance, it is mainly used as insulation material for refrigerators, construction panels and gas storage tanks.

    Construction Electronics
  • Semi-Rigid
    Polyurethane Foam

    Has specific hardness between rigid and flexible which is easy to process, it is applied for automotive components, furniture.

  • Flexible Polyurethane Foam

    As a soft and elastically adjustable foam, it can be commonly found in various types of automotive seat, furniture and mattress.

    Furniture Bedding
  • Polyurethane Elastomer
    (Non Foam)

    Due to its excellent elasticity and low temperature properties, it is widely used in various fields such as daily sport, leisure and civil engineering/construction industry.

    Paint & Coatings Adhesives Spandex


Due to its excellent thermal insulation, it is used as insulation materials for civil engineering and construction to save energy or as insulating material for LNG/LPG tanks.
Can be adapted and applied to materials concerning land/sea/air transportation vehicles. It can be applied from hard materials such as seats and steering wheels, to tires, bulletproof glass, and noise absorbent material that reduce engine noises.
Consumer Goods
Often used as key materials for home appliances as well as furniture and bedding such as sofas, beds, allowing us to enjoy our daily lives.
Can be used for various floors from playgrounds and running tracks which require elasticity, floors that require water resistance, to floors such as parking lots which require high durability.
Can be applied anywhere from industrial adhesives for civil engineering and construction fields or photovoltaic panels, to adhesives for thin packaging of snacks.

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