CEO Message

KUKDO Museum R&D

Through constant innovation and bold challenges, we will become a world best epoxy company recognized by all of our customers as well as the world's leading chemical materials company representing Korea. KUKDO CHEMICAL CEO / President Si Chang Lee

KUKDO, established in 1972, has produced and supplied epoxy resins and curing agents Since then, KUKDO has developed and supplied various kinds of industrial chemicals used all over the world in electric, electronic, automobile, shipbuilding, civil engineering industries, etc. The reason why KUKDO has been able to export products to more than 70 countries and possesses the world's largest production capacity is that we have strived not to lose faith in customers despite of an intense competition against global major companies.

KUKDO is constantly striving to secure competence and expertise based on its mission to become a company that can contribute to the success of its customers by supplying top-quality chemical materials. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who have supported us in fulfilling our responsibilities that benefit society and people beyond the pursuit of profit. We promise to become a world best epoxy company as well as a world leading chemical materials company through constant innovation and bold challenges.

Thank you.