• Epoxy

    We focus on continuous innovation through epoxy research and development which can be used in various applications such as coatings, adhesives and composites. We are leading the global market through customized products and R&D.

    Major R&D Area

    Super-fast Curing Type, High Weather Resistance Type, Low Temperature Curing Type, High Heat Resistance Type, Improved Flexibility Type, Improved Adhesion Type, Chemical Resistance Type, Water-Soluble Type, Solvent-free Type, Low-BPA Type, UV System Applied Eco-Friendly Type

  • Hardeners

    We research and develop various types of hardeners along with epoxy for customer satisfaction. We are focusing on R&D to provide the right solution for customers and market needs.

    Major R&D Area

    Solvent-Free Type, Chemical Resistance Type, High Weather Resistance Type, Heat Resistance Type, Construction Coating, Transparent Coating, Accelerator

  • Polyurethane

    We research and develop an easy-to-use system with materials that are easily accessible in everyday life such as insulation panel, flame retardant coating, structural reinforcement materials that can satisfy the requirements of various industries.

    Major R&D Area

    Insulation System Using Alternative Foaming Agent, Foam System for Automobile Interior, Foam System for Furniture, Indoor Interior System, Flame Retardant Coating System for Ship, Urea System for Structural Reinforcement

  • Future Technology

    Based on our accumulated core technology capability, we are constantly challenging to not only discover new values but also work on the commercialization of next-generation materials.

    Major R&D Area

    Development of Process Optimization Technology, Molecular Structure Control Technology, High-end Grade Parts Material, Basic Raw Materials, High Performance Alternative Raw Materials

  • Biomaterials

    De-petroleum needs are increasing rapidly along with awareness of global warming and environmental pollution problems. KUKDO focuses on biomaterials research in order to preoccupy the bio market which has a high growth potential, and is taking the lead in securing its core technology.

    Major R&D Area

    Bio-epoxy Resin, Bio-platform Monomer, New Synthesis Process Technology, Bio-polyol

  • Electricity and Electronic Materials

    Trend for PCB, EMC, semiconductors, and electronic subjects requests advanced and more sophisticated function these days. Based on accumulated technologies of resin formulation, KUKDO is developing less electricity, high heat resistance, anti-humid, anti-flammable, etc. films for variety of applications. Furthermore, KUKDO is concentrating on development of high heat resistance materials and materials with increased reliability for secondary cell for display application.

    Major R&D Area

    Resin for CCL(Copper Clad Laminate) and FCCL(Flexible Copper Clad Laminate), Halogen-free Type Resin for High-end CCL, Special Adhesives for Semiconductor, Packaging Materials and Films, Materials for Display Applications and Enhanced Stability for Secondary Batteries

  • Composites System

    Not only provide molding methods and physical property evaluation techniques based on our system resin for advanced composite materials but also provide customer-oriented total solutions for supporting innovation of our clients.

    Major R&D Area

    High Heat-resistant / Ultra High Heat-resistant Composite Materials for Aviation & Defense Industry, System Epoxy for Wind Turbine Blades, Resin System and its Production Process for Mass Production of Transportation, Fiber Reinforcement Resin System for Construction and Civil Engineering, System Epoxy for High-end Sporting Goods, System Epoxy for Heavy Electric Industry