The value system built on the basis of KUKDO’s management philosophy consists of the vision and the mission statement that we all strive to achieve, and the core value and specific implementation value that we must pursue.

We are striving to become the world’s best chemical materials company that contributes to the success of our customers based on the management which everyone in KUKDO sympathizes and internalizes.

  • Vision : Global Best Chemical Materials Company beyond No.1 Epoxy Company.
  • Code of Conduct : 7 Action Guidelines
  • Core Value : Faithfulness, Competence, Sustainability
  • Mission : We contribute to our customers’ success as a partner providing chemical materials for the best value.
  • Management Philosophy: Employees’ Happiness, Customer Orientation, Mid long Term Prediction and Preparation, Responsibility toward Shareholders, Ceaseless Challenge and Innovation, Legitimacy and Justice,Social Responsibility

Management Philosophy

KUKDO's management philosophy has been the foundation of our value system which has been consistently maintained by the chairman and founder since establishment.

  • Customer Orientation : We are doing our best to satisfy our customers because they are the reason that we can exist.
  • Employees’ Happiness : We value all the members of the company and lay the foundations for our employees and their families to grow.
  • Responsibility toward Shareholders : We manage to implement investor’s wishes and our foundation idea.
  • Mid long Term Prediction and Preparation : We predict the future precisely and plan thoroughly for a sustainable management.
  • Ceaseless Challenge and Innovation : We are actively adapting to changing environments and making our company more advanced through constant challenge and innovation
  • Legitimacy and Justice : We comply with social ethics and manage legally.
  • Social Responsibility : We enrich our company and contribute to our nation & community.