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Product Inquiry

  • Epoxy
    DepartmentNorth America (Canada, USA, Mexico) Tel+1-872-888-2818
    DepartmentEurope Tel+49-152-55128973
    DepartmentAsia & Pacific Tel+82-2-3282-4865
    DepartmentCentral & South America Tel+82-2-3282-1396
    DepartmentMiddle East, Africa, Russia & CIS Tel+82-2-3282-1396
    DepartmentIndia Tel+91-63589-36160
  • Hardener
    DepartmentHardener Tel+82-2-3282-1581
    DepartmentPhenalkamine Hardener Tel+82-2-3282-1581
  • Composites System
    DepartmentComposites System Tel+82-2-3282-1453
    DepartmentAdvanced Materials System Tel+82-2-3282-1570
  • Polyurethane
    DepartmentSystem Tel+82-2-3282-1325
    DepartmentBase Polyol Tel+82-2-3282-1325
  • Electrical &Electronic Materials
    DepartmentSales Tel+82-2-3282-1518
  • Advanced Materials
    DepartmentACF Tel+82-2-3282-4859
    DepartmentHigh Purity Resin Tel+82-2-3282-1518
    DepartmentPolyimide Materials Tel+82-2-3282-1360
  • Acrylate
    DepartmentSales Tel+82-2-3282-1338
  • Reactive Diluent
    DepartmentSales Tel+82-51-831-6041

General Inquiry

  • Purchasing
    DepartmentPurchase Tel+82-2-3282-1424
  • IR
    DepartmentIR Tel+82-2-3282-1504
  • Company
    DepartmentGeneral Tel+82-2-3282-1400

Consent to the Collection and Use of Personal Information *

  • 1. Purposes of Processing Personal Information

    We process personal information to answer and guide received inquiries. The personal information being processed is not used for purposes other than the following purposes, and if the purpose of use changes, we will take necessary measures, such as obtaining separate consent from the information subject.

  • 2. Period of Processing and Retaining Personal Information

    We preserve personal information for 5 years from the date of submitting an inquiry and destroy it without delay when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. In this case, the company will only use the information it keeps for the purpose of storage.

  • 3. Personal Information to be Processed

    A. Required items: name, e-mail address
    B. Personal information arbitrarily submitted by the information subject in connection with inquiries
    C. Other personal information arbitrarily provided by the information subject

  • 4. Matters Regarding Consent for the Processing of Personal Information

    If you do not want to agree to the above items related to the collection, use, provision, and consignment of personal information, you may refuse to consent. However, please note that there may be disadvantages in processing your inquiry if you refuse to consent.

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