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Kukdo Chemical Obtains ISCC PLUS Certification


Kukdo Chemical has obtained ISCC PLUS certification for all its production sites (Iksan, Busan, Siheung). ISCC PLUS certification is a globally recognized accreditation system awarded to sustainable, low-carbon products in accordance with the European Union's Renewable Energy Directives. It involves transparent and rigorous verification throughout the entire process, from raw materials to the final product. It is the world’s most trusted eco-friendly certifications.

Kukdo Chemical has achieved ISCC PLUS certification for epoxy products in recognition of the of low-carbon production processes using raw materials derived from biomass and biowaste.

By obtaining ISCC PLUS certification, Kukdo Chemical has demonstrated the sustainability and eco-friendly competitiveness of its products. We will provide more eco-friendly products to our customers and society as a whole.