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Kukdo acquired ISO 37301 certification


Kukdo Chemical, which is rapidly emerging as a global leader in chemical materials, surpassing its position as the world’s top epoxy company, recently has taken a significant step towards sustainable growth by obtaining ISO 37301 (Compliance Management System) certification.

ISO 37301 is an internationally recognized certification for compliance management standards. It is awarded after a thorough evaluation of a company’s compliance policies and risk response systems to ensure they meet global standards and effectively address compliance risks associated with company management.

This certification holds immense significance as it validates that Kukdo Chemical’s management system, which has been in operation since its establishment in 1972 based on seven management philosophies such as “social responsibility” and legitimacy and justice,” meet world-class standards through an objective assessment.

Kukdo Chemical remains committed to preventing, mitigating, and rectifying compliance risks within the company. We will utilize this certification as the foundation for transparent management that respects and conducts business ethically with various stakeholders, including the country, society, and customers.

Kukdo Chemical pledges to continue growing as a dependable global representative company from Korea, going beyond its initial mission of providing diverse materials essential to modern society.