Personnel System

Ideal Employee Benefits

Evaluation System

We are fairly evaluating the performance and capability of our employees and using them for compensation and human resource development.

We establish concrete and challenging goals and conduct an absolute evaluation by objectively judging the achievement level, then feedback the results in terms of training and coaching
We comprehensively evaluate the fundamental leadership capabilities along with the results of the Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Reward System

We operate a differentiated compensation system based on performance and capability.

Through fair evaluation, we reward high performers and gradually widen the gap depending on performance.
Also, we give special incentives to employees based on company’s performance, and reward for those who have greatly contributed to the company through excellent performance and innovation.


Reward System


Promotion System

We review the promotion case with evaluation results (performance, capability) and eligibility.

If a person with outstanding ability and qualities shows excellent performance, we promote him/her regardless of the working period.


Promotion System


Human Resource Development

We are training our employees through self-directed learning and systematic training program to become a member of KUKDO with professionalism.

Basic Training
The training of management philosophy and value system that we should bear in mind and implement
Leadership Training
The training to enhance capabilities based on core value and Role & Responsibility
Job Training
The training for professionalism through IDP
Special Training
Domestic/Foreign University degree program and MBA Course